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Monday, June 6, 2011

Its sum-sum-summertime!

This is an excerpt from another blogger that nailed the point of summer right on the head.  Its not about being involved in every activity under the sun.  Its not about rushing from picnic to family gathering to party after party just to rush home, get baths and shoved into bed.  Its about enjoying all the little moments that make summer the season that is engrained in every memory of your childhood.  Its a time to throw schedules out the window (mostly), live life on the edge, and show the children of today what our summers used to be like.

"Summer will be about slowing down, sleeping in, picking strawberries, making jam, maybe the zoo and maybe the pool, definitely the beach and probably the playground.

  We'll hunt for frogs, ride bikes, make s'mores, build forts, keep dirt forever lodged in fingernails.

We'll stay up too late reading books and get up too early to eat pancakes. We'll smell like chlorine and sunscreen for days at a time, and not once, never, not even a little bit, will we regret it."

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