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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Not such a bright idea

It was one of those days

Those days where you have picked up the same mess at least 4 times.

Those days where you sigh a sigh of relief that the chaos of life has calmed down and all thats left is to get your life back in order, only to discover you have to go clean up that same mess again.

Those days where you feel like you've accomplished something by doing seven loads of laundry however to a passerby it looks as if you haven't attempted to clean your house in months.

Those days where you just want to drop the kids off to the sitter just to be able to "HA! See?  My house is clean.  Quick look, the moments almost over!!  It is clean.  It can be cleaned." and then the kids come home and all traces of hardwork are washed away.

Those days where the children are sitting down happily eating because I'm letting them watch Wonderpets during dinner and I want the moment to last longer so I can finish the dishes and clean the kitchen and in all my 'Please Lord let me get just one chore finished before bedtime tonight' brilliant-ness I think to myself

"Hey, if I give them dessert that will surely occupy them for a little bit longer, right?"

It was also one of those days my mommy brain was not at its sharpest.

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