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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Farm days

One of Jim's coworkers farms the land he lives on and has graciously allowed us to help ourselves to his crop this summer.  Because of this generous invitation Bree has experienced some things that I never have.  Things such as: she got to pull potatoes straight out of the earth, harvested corn right off the plant, and plucked a carrot right out of the ground (then brushed it off on her shirt and ate it).  Bree also got to pick green beans which I cooked for dinner the night she brought them home.  Straight from the plant to the plate in a matter of hours, just the way it should be.
Recently we visited his farm again and gained a few new experiences while there.  For the first time in my life I got to walk through a... 
...watermelon patch!! 

We also learned how to pick raspberries.

Oh my goodness, they were amazing!!

Whats a day on the farm without a little blood, sweat and tears?

I've gone tomato picking before.  Many times in fact.  However, from this tomato picking experience, we learned how to....
....can them all by ourselves.  We canned 17 quarts and 19 pints, all by ourselves, all in a days time, hot water bath and everything, they all sealed.  It was a proud day in this household.

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