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Friday, October 26, 2012

Indian Summer Days

Between work, school and appointments, we've been trying to cram as much into these last few warm days as possible.
Lots of bike riding and sidewalk chalk.
Washing everything that isn't nailed down and drying it outside on the line.  Smells so wonderful.

Picnics are a given on days like these.

And enjoying the last of the leaves.

I've been soaking up the view of our backyard as I fear major changes are inevitable next summer.

Two of our pine trees didn't make it through the hot, dry summer.

And a third one looks like its on its way out too.

And speaking of changes coming next year, this little cutie will be heading into kindergarten.  I'm trying to take advantage of her part time school schedule this year but the days just seem to slip through my fingers.  Not to mention this little dude will be starting preschool next fall.

Where does the time go??  So many, many changes....
When will it all stop??

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