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Sunday, June 15, 2014


What do you do when your husband leaves you for almost 72 hours AND takes the children with him?

You clean out the game closet, 

empty the fridge and freezer and give them a good scrubbing,

go strawberry picking, 

mow the lawn without having to stop numerous times to pull sticks out of one year olds mouth,

prune your beloved weeping cherry before your husband attacks it,

get Olaf ready to cut out and paint for a birthday present,

have a cup of coffee at 10:30pm because you don't have to go to bed at a decent hour because there are no children at home to get you up at an insanely early hour,

finally get around to drawing that 'Saving for Disney' chart,

catch up on a lot of movies (still not sure how I feel about Man of Steel),

go through the drawers of the fast growing baby of the family,

watch History channel.  All. Weekend. Long.

go over and over your budget and update your envelopes (sacrifice now, good things later, sacrifice now, good things later, sacrifice now....),

make prizes for work,

get every piece of laundry in the house washed, dried and put away (this never happens),

and get some painting done, 

I ate seafood all weekend, paid bills, filled out some financial aid paperwork, got all the dishes done, took a mid evening nap, ran out to the store for the one thing I forgot just because I could, made cookies, and even went to work on Saturday.  So many weights were lifted off my shoulders and that is what I call a
 Total Knock Out Weekend.

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