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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Disney Here We Come!!!..... Eventually....

I'm not sure at what point my children discovered that Disney was a place and that you could visit it.  But when they did, it was all they talked about. So we made a deal with them.  Collect pop cans to recycle for money and help save electricity and water and we'll contribute that extra bill money towards the vacation.  

In order to see our progress I made a chart.

We sat down, counted all the money already in the vacation jar and filled in the spaces.

The chart is posted on the hall closet door so it can be seen everyday.  Its a reminder to keep lights off and not waste water.  We cleaned our house and had a garage sale to help get some extra cash.  Bree had her own brilliant idea to earn even more money during the garage sale.  A lemonade stand!

Any change they find on the street or money they are given for doing a kind act is their choice to put into the vacation jar or their own piggy banks.  

And you know what?  

They've always chosen the vacation jar.  

Its been a few months so its about time to pull the chart down, dump the jar and coloring in a few more squares.  

And you know what else?

I'm kind of excited to see just how much closer we are too!

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