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Friday, April 22, 2016

What I'm reading this week

I just started this book but I'm in love with it already. 
Or maybe I'm in love with its reminders.

by Melanie Shankle
"This was the place where I built some of my earliest memories; long summer nights filled with fireflies and kick the can, Fourth of July block parties in the cul-de-sac, walks home from the bus stop after a long day of school, and rides up and down the block on my blue bike with the flowered banana seat while Catherine rode her Green Machine right next to me.
But more then that, it was the place where I first learned the joy of having a best girl friend who knows how to make you laugh and shares her favorite books and lets you sleep on the top bunk.  It was in those years when I got my first glimpse of what it means to have a confidante and a conspirator and the emptiness you feel when that person leaves your life."
I love everyone of my girl friends. 
I love that days, weeks, months, years can pass and when our paths cross, its like nothing has changed.  I love the notes that are left when one hasn't heard from the other in a while.  I love friendships without expectations or requirements.  I love that I can simply be me and be loved.
 From the earliest memories to the secret language of understanding to the unbearable heartbreaks and to the newest of friendships that blossom out of nowhere, these girls are a part of my everyday thoughts and, ultimately, my life. 
And I'm glad to call them mine. 

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