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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Rachel's Big Day

Remember back in June I mentioned a new adventure I was on but didn't tell you what it was?
Today is the day.  The time has come to reveal.......
I have a new job!
I am now the librarian for St. John's Lutheran School. 
Don't worry - I still have my old job at the public library.  This school position popped up and presented itself with great challenges (and even greater rewards) and I seized the opportunity.  Its only a few hours a week and the school was so kind as to schedule library for the students on the same day I take Holly to preschool - at the same school!!  How could I pass this up??
This is the before picture of the library:

The first unit (far left) with the Charlotte's Web poster on it is NOT part of the library. That is teacher storage.  Overall, it is not very big but there is much work to be done.   The school is going to go through accreditation in a few years and having a current, up to date library is vital.  That's where the work comes in....

Ripped spines, out dated books, no classification system, and minimal budget are just a few of the hurdles in front of me.  The school also started an accelerated reader program last year that needs help getting on its feet.  These are some pretty major obstacles to overcome but I am excited and oh so ready to get started!!
But before tackling anything too big, today on my first day, I started with the basics.  
The ambiance.
  Down went the old school posters and up went Star Wars, Batman, and whimsical pictures about books. 

In came colorful, organizational baskets and chalkboard written quotes about reading. 

Out went the cassettes so very coated in dust and still in their wrappers....
Out went VHS tapes when the school doesn't even own a VHS player......
Up went any current series of books for the ease of students to find.

And finally, up went silly reminders to please return your library books in a timely manner.

There is so much more I would love to do and I will.  But today was only day one.  There is greatness yet to come and I'll be sure to tell you about it. 


  1. If anyone can bring this library up to date it is you, Rachel, it will be an awesome library when you get done with it. By the congratulations on the new job and I am glad you are still with us at Wauseon Public Library--don't want to lose you, you are an inspiration.

  2. Yippee! Sounds like you are happy!

  3. Yippee! Sounds like you are happy!