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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Keeper

"I reflected on the role of "keeper" that I have been entrusted with as a mama.  We mamas are the keepers of memories.  We are the ones to treasure the speech impediments, we are the ones to know the victory of a difficult math concept finally captured, we are the ones who know when to bypass broccoli and pull out the ice cream.  This is why I write.  And write, and write, and write.  Because I want them to know how important they are, and how beautiful the small moments of their lives truly are.  So I sit and remember and write.  I am a keeper."

- Kara Tippets "And it was beautiful"

While I blog to remember the moments of the children and for the children, there will eventually come a time when they'll wish they had a little more of me to hold onto.  Not physical, tangible things, but the tidbits of information and understanding that makes us each unique.  So here it is, here I am... 

* I don't have a favorite color.  Not really.  I tend to lean towards gray because to me it can be calming, energizing, and goes with everything!

* Prefer the sound of waves crashing on rocks instead of the beach.  This stems from spending weeks at church camp on Kelly's Island.

* Favorite cake is vanilla with chocolate frosting.

* My favorite era is the 1950's.

*I was in the second grade when my mom was diagnosed with MS and 29 when my dad died.

*Peanut butter is my favorite... anything.  Except crunchy peanut butter cookies.  Those are gross.

*Favorite beverage is lemonade.

*Pet Cemetery still scares me to this day.

*Funny Farm could be the story of my life.

*Dislike the smell of flowers but still appreciate receiving them. 

*Rainy and snowy days energize me (goes back to the color gray thing).

*My dream vacation would be going to Maine in the Fall.

*I am not competitive and even will have the beginning of anxiety attacks at the start of a 5K where I am only competing against myself.

*Halloween is my favorite holiday, Christmas is my favorite season.

*If I could possess any talent, it would be to play the piano.

*Owning a food truck where I can experiment with new recipes and get paid for it would be AWESOME!

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