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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017

 Trick or Treating with JoJo Siwa, Iron Man, and Punzel (normally known as Rapunzel) at Marble Lake.
Trick or Treating again with Jojo Siwa, Spiderman, and Punzel at Harrison Lake.

Meeting my lifelong hero - okay maybe hero isn't the word I'm searching for.
Pumpkin Festivities

I cut the backside of the pumpkin off, not the top.  Living on the edge over here.

Jacob and Momma's pumpkin.

Bree's owl pumpkin.
Holly's kitty pumpkin.

And Dad's too tired from carving everyone else's pumpkin.
A family of pumpkins.
Our newest Halloween decoration that everyone had a hand in making. 


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