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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Surprise Birthday

Someone turned 10 today. 
Double digits!! 
She got fancied up with a new dress and shoes and was pampered with a hairstyling.  We had something big in store to celebrate her but we weren't spilling the beans to her just yet.  By default of Bree's friends and cousins being busy with the holiday weekend, Jake got to tag along and had to get gussied up too.

After a very wet 2 hour drive up to Detroit, we arrived at Fox Theatre for the Broadway production of 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas Musical'

Bree received so many compliments on her dress and hair from other people attending the musical.  Needless to say, she felt very special on her big day.
Then it was time to come back home for games, dinner, and cookie cake!
I just love Bree's expression in this picture.

She hadn't seen her cookies cakes until that point.  At which she discovered that I had them put every variation of her name that friends, family, and teachers call her.  However, the 'Gab' part was supposed to be 'Gabi'. 
Happy Birthday my strong-willed, natural born leader, book worm, adventurous souled daughter. 

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