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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gettysburg Trip - Good Eats

I'm going to be blogging into the New Year about our Gettysburg trip if I don't get on it so lets cover some of the really importantly parts of the trip, shall we?

Where'd you eat while in Gettysburg?

We ate here:

(Notice those holes in the bricks?  Those are battle wounds the building suffered during the war)

My favorite ice cream of all time is Peanut Butter Cup.  Not vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups in it but chocolate ice cream with large slabs of peanut butter in there.  Its not an easy flavor to find, but find it I did. 

Here at Mr.G's. 

Good old Mr. G. 

While we were waiting for our ice cream to be scooped we had the pleasure of meeting Mr. G himself.  He asked about our trip, where we were from, gave us some pointers on places to go see and told us the history of the building that was now his ice cream shoppe.  Of course the only piece of information I have retained in these six weeks that have passed is that the building is 192 years old.  So I tried to do a little research of my own to spark some recollection of historical information that he told us when I ran across something very, very interesting.

The 'G' in Mr. G's stands for....


I'm sure you were all hoping to be more amazed by that news but what you need to understand is that my grandmothers maiden name is 'Gladfelter.'  My dad said that all 'Gladfelters' and 'Glatfelters' are related.  So I drove 7 hours from home to stand in the same room with a relative and eat his ice cream without even realizing it. 

 How cool is that?!?! 

I'm really regretting that I didn't get our picture taken with him.

Relation aside, he did make really really good ice cream.  So good in fact that my darling, wonderful husband Jim requested to go back there.  And for any of you who know that husband of mine, will have to know just how good of ice cream that is for him to request a second helping of sweets. 

Did I mention that my husband is a little strange too?


See that tree in the background? 

That's one of two trees left standing from the civil war era.  A third one was standing until a few years ago when a storm knocked it down.  When they went to cut the tree into pieces for easy removal, the blade kept sparking from hitting bullet after bullet lodged in the trunk.

We also ate here:

Cute little joint.  You walk in, place your order, carry it to your table and clean up your own mess.  The system works pretty well there and that helps keep the prices cheap which is always a plus when you're on vacation.

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