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Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Sunday Afternoon at the Dominique's

Its Sunday afternoon.

The Olympics are on.

The Detroit Tigers are playing.

Outside its not too warm and slightly breezy.

A perfect day to eat lunch outside, maybe go to a park, possibly the zoo, have a cookout. 

A lazy Sunday....

...not really...

Down came the border.

Out came the countertop.

Out came the leaky washer and the squeaky, over heating dryer. 

Down went the new floor.

(This picture shows just how bad the washer was leaking.  Ruined a good portion of the wall.  Good thing I'm married to a handy man that can fix those problems.)

In went the new door to the garage.

(The old door to the garage had a two inch gap at the bottom with a piece of carpet hanging on the back side to keep the cold and bugs out.  Not very efficient or effective.)

Gorgeous, isn't it?

Now I just have to choose a wall color to go with my awesome new light fixture.  I have a little time as we're also changing our standard squared off doorway from the laundry room to the kicthen into an arch.

Very productive Sunday I'd say.

I'd also say I have the best husband ever!!

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