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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Big News

This is big news I tell you.

B-I-G!  BIG!

Huge News!!

The kind of news that stops your heart for a second and begins beating in the next with a whole new path in life.


That type of news.

And you're hearing it here first on 'Simplify.'

Are you ready for it?

The big news is.......

Jacob held a bug!!!


You might be wondering why this is such huge news in our little world and I'll explain.

Jacob does not like bugs.  Not in the least.

I have a video somewhere of Bree chasing a sobbing Jacob with a worm.

Lightning bugs are only "safe" if they are in a container.

Its so bad that I haven't taken them to the Butterfly House for fear of giving my child night terrors.

Yes I realize that he is only holding a locust shell but I can see the confidence building behind his eyes and can predict whats going to happen.

Today its a locust shell tomorrow its a worm.  After that spiders will be his new best friends and mice will be trapped and secretly kept as pets.   In a few short summers chasing snakes will be his newest fascination and I'll be terrified to clean out his pockets before throwing them into the laundry.  Dead animals the cats bring to our doorstep turn into science experiments and the words "Hey Mom!  Look what I caught!"  will send chills down my spine.  The ever present stench coming from his room will drive me nuts but a little part of me really won't want to know what it is.  And when that day comes I'll look back and know that it all started today...with a locust shell.

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