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Thursday, November 15, 2012


Being a mother you are faced with tough decisions, day in and day out.
What food to give them that isn't full of processed junk but convenient enough to fit into a working parent's lifestyle?  Is this show educational enough?  Does this book send the right message? Where to send them to school?  Am I being a good role model as a Christian?  Financially?
The list goes on and on.
Then there are the lesser important decisions but decisions none the less that you have to face every single day.  
Do they need a jacket to go outside?  Are they safe playing on the trampoline?  Are they going to need baths tonight?  Should we watch a movie together?  Where are all the matches to the socks I have in front of me?
Then there is the age old question.  You notice your child has fallen asleep in what cannot possibly be a comfortable position:
Do you
 A.  Attempt to move him into a more comfortable position so he won't wake up cranky and crying with a sore neck?
B.  Leave him alone for fear of waking it up?
Well....  What do you do?
I was faced with that dilemma today.
It was a bad day. 
He was riled up.  He was rambunctious.  He was a chatter box.  A terror to his sister and the cats.  His stomach was a bottomless pit.
So when I noticed that he had fallen asleep in the chair, I chose the latter.

They are so cute...when they're sleeping.

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