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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Well I'll be.....

Have you ever hidden something from your children only to realize you've hidden it from yourself?
Or maybe you've been so scatter brained that you put the box of cereal in the fridge along with the milk?
Or put the ice cream in the cupboard?
You've spent many, many minutes looking for something you have in your hand?
I'm not crazy, right?  You've had that happen to you?
So I shouldn't be ashamed that I argued with my husband, tore my house upside down and almost broke into tears because I couldn't find my can of Spray 'n Bond which was desperately needed to help me work on a Christmas present only to discover a week later that somehow it was put away in my baking cupboard?
I can totally blame that one on pregnancy brain.  Or tired mama of two brain.  Or completely stressed out trying to have a homemade Christmas brain. Or all of the above. 
P.S. Please pardon the complete disarray of my baking cupboard.  It is the Christmas season after all.
P.P.S. I apologized to my husband who really didn't remember the arguement to begin with.
P.P.P.S. As of today I'm 17 weeks, 6 days along - 22 weeks to go.

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