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Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Community Dinner

Our little town offers a free weekly dinner that is open to everyone in the community. 
You may need the meal. 
You may want the company. 
You may be exhausted from the day and don't feel like cooking. 
The reasoning doesn't matter - its all free and open to everyone.
These meals are made possible by organizations, churches, or local businesses volunteering to cook and serve dinner.  When I heard there were a few holes that needed to be filled in order to continue this 5 year long tradition, I did what (I hope) anyone would do.  I raised my hand and said:
"Tell me what week and I've got your back." 
And, thankfully, many people had mine as well. 
We all worked together pooling our resources, our abilities, and our time to pull this off.  Help came out of the woodwork and kids joined in the effort too. 

We did not get an official count for the evening but a church helper said we were on the upwards of serving 120 people! 

And we were even lucky enough to have one of those 120 people serenaded us throughout the evening with his amazing talent. 

There was no job too big: 

And no job to petty: 
It was a great experience and these are just a few of the awesome helping hands that helped pull off this community dinner. 

To everyone who donated, who cooked, who purchased, who took off work, who served, who cleaned, who dropped off children, who made this meal possible,

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