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Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!

Ah, Valentine's Day. 
In this household, it is a very talked about holiday - one that grows with anticipation each year.  I believe it was when Bree was 3 years old that we started playing Bingo on Valentine's Day.  I saw this awesome prize punchboard on Pinterest and (back in the days of lesser children hence more time) I made said board and a tradition was born.  However, I realized I have never gotten around to blogging about it! So here are the posts of Valentine's past, all condensed into one lengthy blog. The theme of the meals are changed up each year but one thing remains the same - Bingo and prize boards.
 I don't have too many pictures from the 2014 celebration.  We had company over for dinner and bingo and I'm usually a bit distracted entertaining to take pictures. But the theme of the evening is quite clear in this picture.  Dinner on a stick!  And no one got their eyes poked out, thank you very much.     
We dined on carrot and celery sticks, salad on a stick, sandwiches on a stick, chicken on a stick, and chocolate covered strawberries... on a stick. 

There wasn't exactly a theme per say for the 2015 Dominique Valentine Day Extravaganza. 
For breakfast we attempted a Pinterest idea of baking store bought cinnamon rolls in a waffle iron.  Doesn't really work.  I'd rather just have them baked.  And, of course, we had chocolate covered strawberries. 

After breakfast we showed our love for others by busting out our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes and started organizing items we already had.  We also counted the money in our 'Give' jars to see how much we had to spend on shoebox items.   

THEN it was time to play bingo!

(Yep.  That's a cantaloupe under Jim's arm.  He knows the way to this girl's heart.)

Holly was not nearly as impressed with the prize boards as her siblings. 

In fact, she was down right grumpy about having to get a prize. 

But eventually she got the hang of it. 

Lastly, we opened our Valentines mail from our beloved Aunt Mary.

The theme for this year was: VARIETY!  Games to be played for prizes.  Food to eat at each meal.  Everything was your choice. 

First game of the day was Bowling Dice. 
The great thing about this game is that it included a little math lesson in old school bowling addition. 

Holly ROCKED bowling dice with a score of 225.  She was the first to get a prize this year. 

The prizes aren't all chocolate and sweets.  Mom and Dad passed out coupons this year too!

Then it was on to something a little more "girl friendly." 

Shocker who won that game, huh?
We played War, Uno, Countdown (adding/subtracting dice game), had a sit up contest, and, of course, Bingo.

And Holly got one special punch on the prize board just for taking a nap!

Once all the prizes had been won, it was time to burn the boards and do what we do every weekend....

.... play Mario

And just when I thought it was time for everyone to go to bed, a chess lesson started up. 

And that is how we celebrate Valentines Day in our house.  Every year its the same and yet it is so much more.  Its a tradition that must be upheld.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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