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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Its a Mario World Out There

Way back in 2007, my dad was expanding his woodshop and having fun experimenting, tinkering, creating anything he saw.  When I proposed a present I wanted to make for Jim's birthday, he gladly jumped on board and helped bring it to life.  Sadly, after ten years of being exposed 24/7 to all weather conditions, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi had to be retired from our landscaping. 

As Jim's birthday neared this year and gifts were being discussed, I knew what needed to be done.  And thanks to the guidance and teachings of my dad, I could do it myself.
While I took the lead with Mario and Luigi, there were three little parts I wanted the children to have a hand in.

For Bree and Jake, I drew out the lines and let them have at it from there. 

I helped Holly a little more by outlining the features and letting her fill in the gaps.

All in all, they turned out quite well.

And they make a nice addition on our new fence.
Happy Birthday to my hard working, dedicated, patience for days,  game loving husband. 

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