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Monday, April 30, 2018


At the end of summer break last year, we took a weekend family road trip down to Dayton.  We stopped at the Woodland Cemetery, visited the Air Force Museum, hiked at the Glen Helen and John Bryan Nature Preserves, and explored the Temple of Tolerance.  We also made a pit stop at the Miamisburg Indian Mound.
While I had high hopes that this stop would spark an interest in Native American history (our town mascot is an Indian after all), it really did not.  To them it was just a big hill.
A big hill with quite a view I might add!
In talking about our road trip and all the stops we made, I have repeatedly said that the Miamisburg Mound was a bust.  Out of respect, they do not excavate these mounds so, although historic, it didn't offer much excitement or education for the kids or for us.
It is now with an overflowing heart that I can say
Over 60 years before, take a look at who stood in this very same spot, climbing those very same stairs:
That's my dad!!  At the Miamisburg Mound!!! 
He too went there on a family trip but with a slightly ulterior motive.  My dad had contracted polio and needed to learn to reuse and regain strength in his legs.  While I'm certain the educational part was the first priority, the 116 steps of free therapy was probably a perk too.
Don't you just love it when you retrace the steps of your parents without even realizing it! 


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