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Friday, May 4, 2018

In This Moment

Jacob came home with a 'Mystery Student' paper from school.  It is a list of favorite items that each student had to fill out about themselves and then they took turns guessing who was who.  And today, in this moment, my dear Jacob looks like this:

And his favorites are:

I am not really sure what happened to his spelling over the year so let me translate.

Favorite Color: rad (red)
Food: cacke (cake)
Drink: troclit (chocolate milk)
Snack: bwesis (granola bars, no idea what he tried to write)
Hobby: sockr (soccer)
Game: tag
Season: witr (winter)
Subject resus (recess)
TV Show: The Thuns (The Thundermans)
Sport: soccor (soccer)
Restaurant: tocoe bel (Taco Bell)
Book: r and ragin ret you (no idea....)
Fun Spot: my room
Pet: cat
Movie: Cars
Friend: Gage
Month: crismis (Christmas)
Holiday: crismis (Christmas)
Song: nu nu hune ungod (Nah, Nah, Honey I'm Good)
Car or Truck: my car (likely referring to his remote control car)
Vacation: disne (Disney)
What I like to do in my spare time: play Games

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