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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day Simplified

Today I was given the gift of nothingness. 
In fact, I was given the gift of nothingness for the whole weekend!
No shopping for food for the weekend celebrations.  No meal preps.  No meal clean up.  No dishes.  No laundry.  No errands.  No living room clean up for the 174th time in the same day.  No set time to get out of bed.  Nada.  
The gift of nothing never felt better.
After crafting the day away in peace and quiet, we went to the theatres to see the new Avengers movies. I was treated to Chinese food for dinner and, with no chores to do, I had time to read an entire chapter of my book - in one sitting.  The weekend could not have gotten any better.  And then I walk out into the living room to see my Mother's Day gifts.
Who doesn't love a bouquet filled with flowers AND scratch off tickets?

Kissy faces to go with my chocolate kisses from a preschool gift.
Hands down thee best baked lemon donuts made from scratch for breakfast (along with coffee I didn't have to make). 

Since the weather outside wasn't the best for hitting the greenhouse for garden plants, I parked myself on the couch with my laptop, catching up on blogging while watching the 'Goonies'.

It was relaxing.  It was lazy.  In fact, I may even say I was bored with so much nothingness to do.  But I'm definitely not complaining about that!  I worked out, took a leisurely shower, and had not a care in the world all weekend.  It was a much needed break. 
It was simply perfect.

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