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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fred - Days 3 and 4

Day Three
Fred appeared to be zip lining on a strand of Christmas lights strung across the living room
Good morning!

What. An. Adventure!  As I was heading back up to the North Pole last night, I flew through a snow storm.  It was so bad I could hardly see where I was going.  I imagine it was just like the night when Rudolph had to come to the rescue with his shiny nose!  I prayed with all my might that I would be able to find my way back to your house.  Thankfully it wasn’t snowing here in Ohio and with the lights on the lamppost that was left on helped guide my way safely.  But can I ask you a favor?  Please put more lights up on your house so I’m certain always be able to find my way to you.  Be sure to bundle up with that new birthday coat and Spiderman hat because ‘Baby, its cold outside!!
Thankful to be here,  
Day Four
Hanging from a stocking with an ornament in his hand

(sorry the picture is blurry)
You found me again!  You guys are great hide and seekers.  You are also great Christmas tree decorators.  It looks so beautiful in your living room, much better than outside by your patio door.  Did your parents take the time to tell you the meaning of the different decorations on your tree?  I’m not talking about the personal meanings, like which ones your grandma made for you, I mean the Christian meanings.  It may have been hard for them since they were busy with Holly so let me explain:
The star: The star perched on top of your tree reminds us of the star that the three wise men followed to meet baby Jesus and that wise men still seek Him.
Candy Canes: The white color represents the sinless nature of Jesus and the red stands for the blood He shed for us. Turn the candy cane upside down and it forms a ‘J’ to represent His precious name ‘Jesus’.
Candles: For safety purposes you use strands of lights on your tree but the meaning is still the same.  Let the light of Jesus shine from your body to everyone so that they can see it.
Wreath:  What shape is a wreath? A circle, that’s right!  Just as circle has no end, neither does Gods love.  No matter what we do, His love for us goes around forever and ever and ever...
I think that about covers it.  Remember what I said so you can share it with your friends!

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