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Monday, January 2, 2017

Whole House Cleaning

Last year I started a whole house cleaning in January.  Room by room, every drawer, cupboard, shelf was emptied.  Every item in the house was touched, determined if it was still needed, and dealt with properly.  However, that was almost 365 days ago and my house is in total disarray...again.  The holidays and hectic schedules will do that to a house. 
As the New Year with a fresh start is upon us, I felt it was time to start the room by room cleaning again - only more intense this time.   If I touched it last year, deemed it worthy to keep only to not use it in the past year, its time to say good-bye.  And this whole process starts in Jacob's room.
The before:   

The middle:

Of course if Jacob's room is completely empty, the stuff had to go somewhere.  Like in the living room...

The dining room table...

In the front door hallway...

In the bedroom hallway....

It took over 5 hours and multiple trash bags to complete his room and it feels amazing!

Jacob thinks its pretty awesome too.  He couldn't wait to show his dad that evening and a few days later when Papa stopped over he was busting with pride to show off what he had done.  Even his friends exclaimed "You have the best room ever!" when stopping over to play. 
And that, my friends, is a successful cleaning day.

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