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Friday, May 5, 2017


This is our cat.
She is a calico that showed up at our house one day almost 2 years ago.  She was fixed, no fleas, clean ears, well fed, obviously someone's pet.  But the days and weeks went by and she never left our home so by some common law adoption of a pet, she became ours.  She eats our food, she sleeps in our beds, and she is always referred to as 'she' as she does not have a name.  Still.  Its been nearly two years.  Anyways...
This cat has some of thee best dedication I have ever seen in an animal.  She knows there is a family of bunnies living under the shed and will sit for hours - literal hours - waiting for those babies to come out to eat so she can do what comes natural.
I am sad to report that I believe the family has completely eliminated or has been starved to death which means kitty has moved on to the next nest.  But this time has brought us a live present.

We didn't know where the nest was to return him.

And after a little research we learned that the white blaze on his head meant that he was too little to be on his own.
So we did the only thing we could do.

We brought him in, made him a bed, attempted to feed him blackberries and celery leaves, and kept him company until nature took its course. 

As sad and heartbreaking as these moments are, I can't help but watch the curiosity in the kid's eyes and wonder what kind of career their future holds.

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