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Friday, May 19, 2017

What I'm reading this week

More aptly named - What I'm torn between reading this week:
I'm not even sure how I found this book but I feel the need to read it because, well, the struggle is real.  And because Kristen Welch is a fantastic author.  So do I read that one first or this one:

'Rise' is about how Cara Brookins escaped an abusive relationship with her children and built a house from the literal foundation up... with only the help of her children... by watching YouTube videos. 
Say what?!
This may just have to be a week of reading two books at the same time.  Both truly fitting together quite well.  You think you have it hard because you don't like the steak I cooked you?  Well then.  Go to your room - after you build it first.  Lets see what lessons we learn.

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