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Monday, June 26, 2017


Part of Summer Fun - Week Four included a little family vacay to Cheboygan, Michigan via the in-laws new Minnie Winnie!

The kids thought they were hot stuff riding in a vehicle not fully strapped down.

Definitely made the 5 hour trip more enjoyable.

Our stay was a short one, but we managed to pack in an entire day of riding on the pontoon and dining at a dock side restaurant.  

We rode in a lock...
... and Jacob learned how to drive a boat.

We had lots of boat hair, boat naps,

and sunburns.  We ate pizza and snacked and munched and munched and snacked.  But hey, that's what vacations are about, right? 

On our second day of vacation we opted for something kid oriented but with a touch of history. 

With a clever answer to a trick question, Bree was pulled up to lend a helping hand in demonstrating the first ways trees were turned into lumber. 

The history lesson moved on to cutting lumber with the help of water power.  The ways of the past never fail to amaze me and are so mesmerizing to watch. 
Our little excursion provided Bree with an opportunity to climb a 50 foot tower!  And she did so with ease!!

The rest of us took the easy way out and climbed the stairs to check out the view.

Once safely back on ground, it was time to harness up for her next adventure!

We hiked,

and explored nature.

Then it was time to head into Mackinaw City - with popcorn and fudge shoppes and candy stores galore!

We putt-putted.

And napped. 

And ate ice cream.

We fished.

Flew kites with a fishing pole.
Caught Mayflies.
Put together a puzzle in an evening 'cause we're awesome like that.
The kids stayed up waaaay past their bedtimes,

but managed to catch up on missed zzzz's on the way home.

The vacation was over in a blink of an eye but the memories will last for years to come.  And then there are the souvenirs!
We eat lots of popcorn in this household and will buy any flavor seasonings we run across!
There was a little craft festival going on in Mackinaw so Holly snagged these little beauties!

A long time lover and mild believer in Bigfoot, I absolutely could not resist buying this sign for our house.

Flowers were still in full bloom up North so I snapped a few photos of God's beautiful work.   

Maybe some day I'll make a flower collage for my wall.  Or search Pinterest for a creative wooden canvas to put them on.  Or perhaps I should put that effort into getting the kid's schools pictures in frames first - before they graduate.

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