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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Summer Fun - Week Three

Week three of summer break went a little like this:
Lightning Bugs are starting to come out full force and the children noticed.

In doing a little bit of cleaning around the house, I found Jacob's list of 100 sight words.  So one early quiet morning, we sat and read through them.  There were only 4 he could not get.

In preparation for (yet another) garage sale, we took all aluminum to the recycling center.  We are now $37 closer to the Outer Banks next summer!

Hot days = free child labor washing the van!

A little Go Noodle fun.

With me outside begging everyone to take my stuff, that left Bree to make lunch all week and trusting her to be safe in using the stove and reading directions for whatever she was making.  Good news is they all survived her cooking. 
During less busy times of the garage sale, it was nice to sit in the air conditioning working on a puzzle. 

The above puzzle was part of a great master plan though.  I pulled out Jacob's Pixar puzzle box and strategically chose the Cars puzzle since we were taking the kids to the opening of Cars 3 at the Drive-In.

We had another lost tooth in the house this week.

We did some baking for Father's Day.

Bree was asked by the neighbors to take care of their bunnies while they were out of town for a few days.  This was her first true job and responsibility and she did it without reminding.
Attended my Goddaughter's 2nd birthday. 

We swam in the neighbor's pool...

... and crashed in the living room shortly thereafter.
We also had a great evening setting up for my nephew's graduation party and a yummy dinner at B-dubs.  Jacob had an amazing baseball game where he hit from the pitcher every time, got three runners out at third, and made an outstanding throw from first base all the way to third!!  And Jim and Jacob had a boys day in Grand Rapids attempting to score vintage video games from an auction but with no luck.  It was a productive week with a very successful garage sale and cleaning of the garage but not nearly as slow and relaxing as I had hoped with all these hot and humid days.  But that's okay.  Plenty of time to slow down later.

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