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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Summer Fun - Week Two

The week started out with more reading of Harry Potter,
began a Summer Book List of all books we read,
and took a few spontaneous naps. 

Miss Holly's birthday presents (that I ordered two weeks late) showed up just in the nick of time to help pass not one, but two sibling's baseball games.

We did a little name writing,

had a pizza, movie, air mattress/sleeping in the living room night,

and, of course, went to the free movie.

I made the first BBQ chicken of the season and the kids devoured it!

The kids discovered a new way to rig up 'gonna give momma a heart attack' device on the zip line.

And we all did a little big celebration dance when little corn sprouts shot out of the earth behind our house.  It is always a glorious season watching the corn grow higher and higher, tasseling, slowly turning brown by the day as we inch closer to the most blessed of seasons - Fall.

Bree learned a hard lesson in not bugging me with minuscule things while mowing.  It is hot.  It is not easy.  I just want to get it done.  You think differently?  Here.  Give it a go for a few rows while I go get some water.
However, after the work is done, the reward will be shared by all - lemonade slushies

When Thursday night rolled around, it was time for camping where we dined on freshly fried donuts for breakfast,

got our toys stuck on the shower house roof,

made omelets in a bag over the fire,


and fished,

and fished,

and fished.

We played at the beach,

and I read (good book but busy weeks means little down time to read).

And we busted out some new sidewalk chalk toys. 

We even took a little break from camping to run into Relay for Life for a while.

 Then it was time to head home and pick radishes,

take naps,

get in touch with my pioneer self,

and try to get back to some form of a healthy diet with bing cherries. 

We also worked on cleaning out the garage a bit, cleaning our bedrooms, and spending time at the park each day as a reward for letting me work on my latest project in peace.  (A project that deserves its own post so stay tuned.)  These days are flying by and filled to the max.  Quiet honestly, I'm looking forward to this week of hot temps and chances of storms as it usually leads to lazy, lay around, doing nothing days.

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