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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Just a Typical Sunday Afternoon....

Holly had a bit of an accident today. 
Or maybe a face meeting with a 5-gallon bucket from a two foot fall qualifies as more than a 'bit' of an accident.


It was a traumatizing day that I hope she will not remember.  I, however, will never forget the pitiful, tearful, whimpering words of
"I just fell, Momma.  I just fell."

Nor will I ever forget how this child fought out of her father's, the male nurse's and my grip while getting nasal sedation...  And how hard she fought off four adults who were practically laying on her while trying numb the area leading to the decision to fully sedate her...  And how hard she fought to stay awake after said sedation should have immediately knocked her out leading to her being awake while sewing her back together.
4.5 l-o-n-g hours and 11 stitches later, we finally came home to rest and let the healing begin...  
The trauma to her baby teeth will show as time goes on but will have no lasting affect on her permanent teeth.  She complains a lot of pain and discomfort, rightfully so, and is supposed to take it easy for the next day.  And after a crazy busy six weeks of summer so far, a down day is just what we needed.  It is just sad to get it in this way.

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