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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ready or Not - Take 3

Today was the day. 
Well... it was supposed to be the day.
But baby girl has a different opinion.
Today was my official due date and with only 1 hour and 52 minutes left, I'm thinking its just going to pass us by.
So what does a 40 week pregnant lady during a mid 80's and horrible humidity heat wave after a full days work and t-ball game look like?
Am I ready for this pregnancy to be over?
That would be a big fat Y-E-S!
I'm ready to not be out of breath just walking to the car.  I'm ready to sleep on my stomach or back again.  I'm ready to eat a full meal in one sitting.  I'm ready for the simplest of things like jello to not give me heartburn.  I'm ready to not break out into a sweat while taking a nap. 
Oh so ready.
However, am I ready to have a baby?
Not so much.
Babies require around the clock care - feeding, changing, quieting crying fits, breaking their confusion of night and day, attempting to get them on a schedule that semi jives with ours and everything else that I can't possibly mention.  If my life would be just about loving on this baby, then everything would be okay.  But along with all the aforementioned, my life will also consist of:
- A 5 year old
- A 3 year old
- T-ball practices
- T-ball games
- 2 week safety city
- ENT appointments
(to assess Bree's constant nasal congestion and the possibility of adnoid and tonsil removal)
- baby's weekly and monthly check ups
- school physicals for both Bree and Jake
- working with Jake to prepare him for preschool
- working with Bree so all she learned in preschool won't be forgotten
- school shopping for two children
- dentist appointments
We also want to have some fun this summer so we purchased tickets to a Tigers game, would like to take the kids to the Mudhens at least once, try to get to the zoo a few times and attempt a small family getaway as well as spend a few weekends up at the lake.
Plus don't forget that both Jim and I have jobs as well, work a few fairs, and I'm considering entering a 5K in August which I will definitely need to do some training for.
And on top of all that we still need to eat, sleep and take lots and lots of baths.
Whew.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
So am I ready for all this?
No.  But ready or not, I'm going to be a mother of three and life is about to move at a pace that I didn't even know was possible.

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  1. I can just feel your overwhelmed reading this! Things will work out...they always do! Things will fall into place and it will just be like the new addition was always there.
    And...for the record...this 40 week pregnant lady looks great after that kind of day!