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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whats Not to Love - Day 9

It was a little hard to find something to love on February 9th.  You see my day started off quite lovely.  Slept in just a tad, began helping Bree with a puzzle, then at 8:27am this happened:

Let me explain.

Wednesday evening for dinner we made toast but didn't eat all of it.  In my laziness of a busy day I did not take the last piece of toast from the toaster nor did I put the toaster away before going to bed.  Then early Thursday morning while I was helping Bree put a puzzle together in her room, Jacob decided he'd make some toast like mom. 

He plugged in the toaster.

He pushed down the button.

He walked away.

I heard some popping and snapping noises coming from the kitchen but I just assumed it was one of the cats.  The noises got louder and louder until my curiosity could take it no longer.  I barely turned around when I saw the smoke.  I flew out to the kitchen, filled a bowl full of water, and threw it on the flaming toaster.  After catching my breath and calling Jim I began surveying the damage.

This picture does not do justice to just how bad the smoke damage on the ceiling was.  You;ll also notice that the top left hand corner of the TV has quite a bit of smoke damage as well.  Also if you notice the lovely red wall behind that TV.   Our kitchen renovations has just picked back up after the holidays and the accent wall had just been painted 5 days prior.

  After the toaster cooled down, I threw it away to reveal the damage to the counter top:

Thats just about a 6 inch burn area.  Lovely, huh?

After about 4 hours of me attempting to clean soot and ash and smoke from every. single. surface. in our house, I called Jim crying. 


Smoke residue was even inside our cupboards!  I couldn't clean this all by myself.  I needed help. 

He called in some co-workers from ServPro to give me a hand and thats when I learned that the smoke damage was enough for us to file a claim.

Every ceiling in our house needed cleaned.

Every wall cupboard needed scrubbed inside and out.

Every wall in our house needed wiped down.

Every toy in our house needed wiped off.

Almost every carpet in our house needed shampooing.

And a lot of repainting needs to be done.

So now the fun begins of picking out new counter tops, new TV, possible new wall colors, and, of course, a new toaster all because of one little boy.

Maybe if we do this to him a little more often he wouldn't get himself into so much trouble.

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  1. OMG, Rachel Thank God you all were not harmed, what a relief, but quite scary. I am just glad you and the kids are all right.