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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whats Not to Love - Days 10 & 11

Day 10:
I love the "If you can, then do" life lesson my dad taught us just by his every day actions.  He paved the path.  He showed us the way.  He left us the tools.  Its up to us to keep this legacy of his going.  I knew I was doing something right when we went to make a donation of homemade hanging oven towels to Rainbow Oncology and the nurses, knowing why we were there, started smiling before we even got all the way through the door.

"I know who you are," the nurse said to Bree. 
"Your Grandpa would be so proud."

Day 11:
Here's a little known fact about me.  I LOVE SNOW!

Snowy nights are my favorite. So peaceful.  So quiet.  So perfect.  It makes me want to grab a cup of cocoa and go for a stroll through the neighborhood.  Or on winter nights when snow finally graces us with it presence, I get the urdge to channel Jimmy Stewart and go running through the streets.  Come on, you know what I'm talking about.  

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