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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Recap

Its December 22nd and all of our cookies are old and stale.  Time to bake some fresh ones for Santa!


Just an FYI - Holly is NOT a fan of red hots!

Hopefully Santa likes Red Hots 'cause not many cookies made it to the cookie jar without them!

(She can be so darn adorable sometimes.) 
Christmas Eve morning.  A time to see what last treasure the elf has left us (usually Christmas pajamas)...
(She can also be so darn ornery too.)
... and time to eat the traditional Christmas Eve morning breakfast casserole.  I believe this tradition started very quickly after Bree was born.  Christmas Eve and Day are so hurried and busy and your body is craving something that is not sugar by this point in time.  Hence the egg casserole.  Meaty, cheesey, protein filled way to start the best day of the year.

Before the festivities of the day could begin, we took time to pay a special tribute to those important people who will not be with us in person this year. 

Then it was off for Christmas celebration #1, then church, and Christmas celebration #2 before home to see if Santa came. 

(Sometimes I just give up trying to get a good picture of these three.)
Christmas 2015

(I really need to print off this annual pictures and look at them side by side.  Time... how quickly it flies and how fast it changes.)


Movie nights for Momma!!

Who wouldn't want their hair brushed while opening presents?!?

A snowboard?  Don't we need snow for a snowboard?
Stupid weather. 

Showing off Daddy's new Tigers hat. 

Funny story here.  So normally we take the children out shopping and let them pick out a present for the other parent.  Schedules didn't allow that this year so instead we allowed the children to pick from what we had purchased and gift that item out.  Things given to me from the children were nail polish, polish remover, cotton balls, and popcorn with seasonings.  All very, very appreciated.  Then comes the gift giving from Jim.  I opened my first present and very excitedly pull out the first wine in my adult life that I have ever liked enough to want a bottle of.  Bree met my enthusiasm (although with a touch of sadness) by shouting:
"But I wanted to give that to you."   

As much as Holly enjoyed opening presents, all she really wanted to do is play with them.  Or read them!


And at the end of the evening, with all presents opened and fair game to be played with, my children sat around happily drawing with dry erase markers and board. 

Merry Christmas!

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