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Monday, December 21, 2015


Starting a construction project just before Christmas isn't the brightest of all ideas. 
There has been progress!
Carpet and padding have been removed. 
New flooring was picked out.... 

...and installed!


(This picture is huge!  Anytime construction tools are brought out this child takes off running.  But here she is.  Bringing pieces of wood to her dad while he is holding a nail gun and the air compressor running in the next room.  Big improvement.  Big.) 

(my little mini me taking pictures with the ipod!)
We have made one trip to look at cabinets to further this project.  The trouble is, as this was previously a closet, the measurements are a bit odd and selecting the right cabinets to get the most storage possible may take some time to find.  But the excitement of having my own crafting space will keep pushing this project right along.  No worries. 

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