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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I have smelly issues.
Clarification...  I am not smelly.  
I have issues with things that smell. 
Perfume?  Proceed with caution.
Candles?  Oh the headaches.
Body wash?  I'm sorry, hubby, but don't even try to buy me something new.
Lotion?  Sniff test (and subsequent migraine) in trying to find something my family can use.
Why must everything smell like flowers or fresh linen??
So when I ran out of laundry soap this weekend, I dragged my feet for as long as possible before heading to the store to begin the dreaded process of finding something new. 
Oh the "mountain air"...  Oh the "lavender fresh"... Oh the "spring sunshine".....
But wait...  What is this?
Apple Mango Tango?
Fruit smelling laundry soap??
Yes please! 
I sniffed.  I bought.  I used. 
One smelly crisis adverted!!  

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