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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It Works!

Growing up, my dad used good old distilled vinegar for household cleaning.  Its cheap. Its natural. Its antibacterial. But most importantly, its a universal cleaner.  Now in my adult years, I too have turned to using vinegar in my home in lieu of bringing in harsh chemicals that only do one specific job.  But one wonderful thing that vinegar can help with around the house, I was never taught - how to clean your laundry.  Those towels that don't smell so fresh, those sweaty clothes that have a lingering odor, the unfortunate load you left in the washer overnight and now have that musty smell.....  Vinegar can help!  But how??
After searching Pinterest, comparing different techniques, and asking people around me, I finally decided to just give it a go and see what happens.  Of course I started with a load of my least favorite towels though, just in case.
And guess what? 
Here's what I did:

Put your laundry in your washer as normal. 
Add two cups of distilled vinegar to the detergent spot.
Set your washer on HOT and let it go!
When the washer is done, rearrange your laundry, add the normal amount of detergent to the machine, turn the water to cold, and run it again.
After its done, throw it in the dryer. BUT. When drying your laundry, be sure it is 100% dry before pulling it out to fold.
That's it! 
I promise your towels and clothes will smell better and be fluffier.  Let me know if you give it a try.  Or let me know if you've discovered another super awesome use for vinegar!

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