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Monday, June 20, 2016

On Our Way

We had garage sales.
We had lemonade stands.
We bribed the kids to keep the lights off.
We took on side jobs.
We made wise spending decisions.
And although there are many blanks spaces left on our board...

...we will be on our way to the most wonderful place on earth very soon.

As many of you may have heard me profess, we would not be going to Disney unless we could pay cash.  And that is exactly what we did!
So about those empty squares.... 
I honestly had no idea how much it would cost for a family of five to visit Disney for any length of stay.  The bar was set pretty high at attempting to save $5,000 with even higher hopes that it would not be that much.  With lots of help from a family Disney expert, great timing, and lots of patience, our family of 5 is flying and staying on site at Disney for eight days, seven nights with the dining plan of one quick service and one table service each day for a grand total of $3250!!  When the do-or-die time came to book the trip, we were surprisingly only a few hundred dollars short!  So we knuckled down at home and the hubby picked up a side job and VOILA!  A Disney trip paid for in cash and it will be worth every penny. 

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