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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What a gem

I have loved the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes for quite some time. 

 In fact, I own just about every book that Bill Watterson has compiled.  There is just something about that boy, his cat and their adventures that draws me in no matter the subject.
In fact, one of these days my dear hubby may come home to find our shed graffiti-ed with those beloved characters. 

A few years back, I snapped a picture of a real life Calvin and Hobbes adventure about to happen right in my own home.  I could see the wheels churnin' and the mischief a brewin'.  But, as it so often happens, that picture lay dormant in my computer for years.
Until today.
And when I look at this picture now as I did when I took it, I knew the exact comic strip that would accompany it. 



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