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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

This is how we roll

Summer days - slippin' away.....
Summer days are so jam packed that it is no wonder they slip past in the blink of an eye.  Some days are so exhausting that we land in bed at extremely early times.  But other days....  Other days look like this.
The typical day starts with heading off to work, spreading library joy everywhere, then its home to change into track clothes.
On this slightly more rare day, we had approximately 35 minutes after track to stop home and grab a very quick bite to eat before changing into ball clothes and heading off to the diamonds.

Then back at home its time to take advantage of the absolutely perfect summer weather by playing in the yard. 

We enjoyed a second supper at 9:10pm because the first one was eaten with such speed you didn't have time to taste it. 

With bellies full, it is time to do THEE most important thing of all summer things. 

Catch lightning bugs. 

Or do you call them fireflies?

Before the sun fully sets, its off to bed to we can wake and start a brand new day. 

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