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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Track Star

Our town offered a two week track session in June complete with championship match at the end.  Since it had very little time commitment, we gently coaxed Bree into giving it a try.  And it turns out - she loved it!!
Running warm-ups.
(Warm ups)
Every day she got to try something new to see what she liked, was good at, or in her case, was a natural at!

High Jump. 
Not her forte.  She couldn't get her footing right for the take off and the landing scared her a bit too.
200 Meter Dash.
Or in other words, half a lap.  Running is not her forte either but the coaches wanted all athletes to compete in one running event.  I applaud her for not choosing the even shorter race of 100 meter dash.
Bree is the one in the middle of the screen in black shorts.
Long Jump.
Who knew she would be a natural at long jump?  From her first run through, she was hooked and focused on the coach, absorbing all she could. 
She took first place in this event with her longest jump being 7 foot, 2.75 inches!!
7 ft, 2.75 in.
6 ft, 9in.
6 ft, 1.75 in.
Now that she's had a taste of track and the victory that comes with doing your best, I think she'll be back for more in future years. 

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