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Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Adventure

Everyone is looking for ways to save money and make life easier and I am no exception.  Case in point.
A while back a friend had mentioned needing to hop online to purchase some toilet paper.  What?!?  That struck me as odd but she swore it was cheaper so I tucked the conversation into the back of my brain, promising to someday find out if that information is correct.  Since sales on toilet paper are few and far between lately and  since its been even longer yet since I've had a coupon to pair up with a sale, I thought I'd give this ordering toilet paper online concept a try and look what showed up on my doorstep today!
Here's the breakdown:
To get 864 sq.ft Cottonelle at Wal-Mart means:
1. hauling 1-3 whining kids to the store
2. then around the store
3.  while trying to shop for items off the grocery list (that may or may not have included toilet paper in the first place)
4. to get home only to realize I forgot to buy toilet paper resulting in a second trip to the store for a grand total of...
 $17.83 + tax.
To get 864 sq. ft. Cottonelle from means:
1. Placed the subscription on June 11th and my order of toilet paper will be on my doorstep every two months - automatically - until I stop it - from here on out for a grand total of 
$17.69 total*. 
If sales and coupons start popping up again, I'll cancel my subscription and buy it in the store.  But until then, I'm going to sit back and never worry about running out of toilet paper again.

*Price is subject to change as most Amazon prices do.  If the price of cottonelle on aAmazon drops before my next shipment is processed, I will be charged less.  If it goes up, I will get charged more. 

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