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Monday, December 26, 2016

Mr. Fred the Elf 2016

Hanging with the newest ornament - DISNEY!

Fred didn't like the taste of the "cookies" he found and decided to point out a better recipe to try... and pronto!

That's a mint cream filled Ho-Ho, people!  MINT!

Everyone can use an extra helping hand during the holiday season!
Who doesn't photo copy their derriere? 
(I totally had to google how to spell that.)

And speaking of derrieres...  Mr. Fred stole a pair of everyone's undies.
Colored on eggs isn't just for Easter.

Poor, poor Fred.  Stuck in the hanging plant for three whole days because NO ONE could find him!!

And with three days all alone, Fred had some time to think.  Maybe Mr. Fish, swimming all alone, might be lonely too and so three more fish were delivered.
Guess who's shipment of toilet paper arrived?!

Two weeks after decorating the tree, it hit me... er, Fred, that Holly does not have an ornament of her own!  A special 'H' ornament was purchased, wrapped, and left for the little to awaken.
With the wall of toilet paper still in the living room, Fred used it to his advantage to hide behind it with a special gift - a new Christmas movie!

Its how many days til Christmas?!?  Better get wrapping!

A last minute trip to Frankenmuth needs a last minute road buddy.

Every now and then you have to take a break from Christmas prep to sit back, relax, and play a friendly game of Jenga!

Time to say goodbye to Fred for the season.

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