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Thursday, December 1, 2016


I've heard it.  You've heard it.  We know it in our hearts.  And yet... at Christmastime we tend to forget it.
 "Its the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary."
No frills.  No bells and whistles.  No stressing, no supplies, no time involved.  To countdown the Christmas season in our home, all you need is a simple 97 cent Chocolate Advent calendar from Aldi's courtesy of an aunt who delivers them every Thanksgiving. 
The excitement that ensues until the countdown that begins is almost unbearable!

And when December 1st is finally here, the children run to the special spot that holds their calendar.  They search out the corresponding day and ever so carefully open the perforated window to reveal a special symbol that represents the Christmas season.  One chooses to nibble the candy, one prefers to hold it in their mouth allowing the chocolate to slowly melt, and one just gobbles it down.  But.  Everyone savors the moment. 

And everyone is happier all because of a small piece of chocolate.

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