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Monday, February 27, 2017


 I love trying new recipes. 
The first time through the recipe is followed as directed.  From there it is tweaked to our family's taste or scrapped because its just not for us.
Crafting is the same way. 
When I see something I like, I copy it the first time and then make the second one all my own OR just give up before I start because I can't figure out how to do it. 
For example, I have been eyeballing this patchwork piece of wood art over at Beyond the Picket Fence for a while now.   
Its beautiful.  Its eye-catching.  The colors can be customized to our home.   I want this in my home.
With Spring right around the corner and the desire to get back out in the garage working with wood growing stronger, I was determined to get a pattern made for this project.  And since we were on a weekend getaway from the children, what a better time to sit down and work out the details without being interrupted.
Pattern from the example - DONE! 
Now its time to tweak the project.  Of course, the hubby and I are like minded and thought wouldn't it be cool to have a wooden Tetris piece of art on the wall?
Options one and two are squares.  Just okay. 
Lets try something more rectangle, like an actual Tetris Screen.

Got it right on the money on the first run through.  Score!!  Two patterns done in a matter of an hour or two?  So empowering!  So motivating! So lets keep going!
There is another project at Beyond the Picket Fence that is similar to the previous one but yet much more personal and beautiful.
Absolutely gorgeous.  I have had this on my to-do list for well over a year, a lot longer than the square piece.  But something about this was intimidating to me and, as usual, I just mentally added it to the scrap pile of "it will never get done."  With the new found determination of just completing three other patterns, I set to work and surprised myself! 
Pattern done!
As long as the desire and motivation (and warmer weather) sticks around, I hope to set to work on these before summer.
ANNND since I was on a roll with making patterns, I tried to keep the flow going once we were home with the kids.   These are some more fun spring-y projects I'd love to make happen and I got one pattern made.   
But then the kids wanted dinner, laundry needed done, meal planning wasn't doing itself, and more threw me right back into reality.
I promise, on behalf of all momma's out there who just want to feel a personal accomplishment on something not children related, I WILL make these projects happen sooner rather than later.  And we will all rejoice together.

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