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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Countdown Begins

Call us crazy but...
We are not the vacationing type of people. 
Yes, we like to go on vacations but with camping all summer and doing weekend trips to the surrounding areas in the fall, winter, and spring, there isn't a need to do annual vacations in our life.
If it has been 5 years since your last trip to the Outer Banks, its time to go back.  And if you happen to have a sister who goes yearly and you get your family on her waiting list for their 2018 trip, then its time to start saving! 

And if one of your kids was 4 inches too short and the other 2 inches too short to ride rides at Disney, then you can logically deduce that waiting three years should give them enough time to grow to appropriate heights thus meaning.... its time to start saving!
That is two pretty huge vacations back to back and will require a lot of saving over the next year. 
 And it may seem weird to start saving for something 1.5-2 years in advance.  Or maybe its not the norm thing to do these days but life is ever changing and the days and weeks seem to fly by.   As was the case with our first Disney trip, if it cannot be paid for in cash - for either vacation, we will not be going.  Period.
 Let the saving begin!

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