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Monday, February 20, 2017

On the ball

There were a lot of factors that went in to deciding to leave my job to be a full time stay at home mom. The pros far outweighed the cons and thus the outcome.  But there was one little pro that I did not put on the list, a little something that will make you (as well as myself) laugh the moment it is spoken.
"I will have time to get so organized and be on the ball and get all my pictures in order for the kids' albums and I'll write on the back of each picture and graduation will be easy peasy!" 
Funny statement, huh? 
Although I know this state of organizational bliss will never be reached, I still have to attempt to take baby steps towards it, right?
When Bree entered preschool, I found these 12x12 scrapbooks. 

I bought one for Bree and Jake with the intentions of keeping simple scrapbooks of their school pictures.  On each page I insert a 5x7 portrait and their class composite.

Or if need be, the 5x7 goes on the front page...

...and the class composite goes on the back.

Still very simple.  But then explain to me why I have had to search high and low, in every tote, drawer, cupboard, closet and beyond to try to find these kid's school pictures?!  How have I managed to not keep this once a year, one picture, 5 minutes of my time scrapbook up to date?? 
To top it off and frustrate this momma's heart, I cannot find a 5x7 of Jacob's second year of preschool.  At first, I could not find any picture, not even the class composite.  But after much digging and disturbing of dusty areas, I found a wallet picture!!  And then, lo and behold, I found the class composite!
 It will just have to do.  I'm sure as I'm getting organized (wink wink), I'll run across the 5x7 and fix his book.  To be sure this mishap does not happen to Holly, I promptly ordered her matching scrapbook, purchased the school themed papers, and have her school picture and class composite stacked together, ready to go in.... the moment the scrapbook arrives.

Look at me.  I am so on the ball.  Until next year.

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