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Friday, February 17, 2017

Monster Jam

Surprises are the best, don't you think?  Just sit back, relax, and be wowed at the work and effort of someone else.  Kids, on the other hand, have 1,001 questions and never give up until they can guess correctly.  Such was the case on this day.
The kids were given outfits to wear, told firmly to put them on "No questions asked", loaded into the van, and then hit the road. 
First stop on the surprise outing was Pizza Papalis!
Spaghetti and meatballs for the children.

A salad for my little weirdo.
Loaded tater tots for the whole family.

And a super yummy pepperoni, Italian sausage, and feta cheese cheese pizza for us grownups.

Then it was onto the Huntington Center where Bree was wise enough to know that the Walleyes play there.  However, there was much confusion when the ice was all covered in dirt and there were monster trucks sitting there. 

It didn't take Jake long to figure out that the trucks were going to jump over the hill in the middle. 
We were at none other than

The one and only thing every single person warned us about is how loud Monster Jam can be so we came prepared.  I wish I could be that stinkin' cute in earmuffs. 

And then they were off! 
Jacob was instantly mesmerized....

...but Holly wasn't so sure she wanted to be there.

In case you have never been to Monster Jam, the event is broken down into four events.
Timed Obstacle Course


But first a fresh load of loose dirt needs to be brought in to make the donuts even better.

One of the trucks (Mechanical Mischief) had some um... mechanical problems after his freestyle and had to be towed away. 
After each truck performs in each event, you get to cast your vote on how they did.  The top and bottom score from the judges are eliminated.  The remaining three judges scores are added up.  Then they add in the audiences average vote and the final score per truck is ranked.  The first place winner in each event gets 8 points and the truck with the most points at the end of the night is the overall winner.

And the winner at our first Monster Jam event was.....

They even have a special truck ceremony for the winner.

All in all it was a good evening.  The kids seemed to love it and no one walked away with a headache from the noise.  I called that a win!

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