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Sunday, February 12, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week

As I am still reading my books from three weeks ago, I chose books this week that don't really take much reading per say. 
There are a group of people out there called "Urban Explorers" or, basically, trespassers who photograph the decay of buildings, factories, abandoned mansions, etc.  Some of these explorers have then complied their pictures into books such as these for the people like me who find this equally as fascinating. 
I do wish there was a bit more description for the pictures.  Some will say something like "classroom" or "mental ward", very basic.  But on the pictures of abandoned, decrepit train stations or amusement parks, TELL ME MORE!!  But that's just the history geek in me coming out.
Books like these are good to have sit around, to pick up at your leisure.  It gives your brain a little something to do when your body is exhausted from a weekend at a hotel with the family.

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