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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Empty Bowls, Full Heart

Tonight was a local homeless shelter's annual fundraiser fittingly called 'Empty Bowls.'
Businesses, families, groups of all sorts donate soups like chili, veggie, ham & bean, taco, Zuppa, loaded potato, cheddar broccoli, tomato basil, and on and on.
Breads like baguettes and sour dough and a variety of cornbreads, and some bread that I can't name but it was something I need to know where to buy are also donated. 
And donated desserts of all stretches of the imagination like cookies galore, donuts, cupcakes of every possibly combination you can think of, scotcheroos, lemon bread, and so much more I had to stop looking round out your meal.
All of this for a mere $12 donation that 100% of goes to the homeless shelter.
That's not all.
Also, for your $12 donation, you also receive.... an empty bowl... of your choosing...
Its like trying to find the Holy Grail.
So many bowls, so many designs.  Trying to find thee bowl that speaks to you, thee bowl that is your reminder of your blessings, amongst all of them is nerve-wracking. 
But I did it.  I found my bowl.
I think its a great addition to my collection. 
One more year and I'll be able to feed my family with my favorite bowls! 

The even best-est part yet is that these bowls are crafted by a local artist who also crafted my favorite coffee mug!

I love this event.  I look forward to it every year.  The charity is noble, food is great, the bowls are beautiful, and the company is always a hoot.   

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